Amardeep Yadav

Amardeep Yadav

Jr. Engineer
I have more 2 years of experience as a Jr. engineer and have worked at both small startups and large organizations. While I'm a proficient android developer, my expertise is in building scalable backend services (API services, stream processing, and async mechanisms), creating excellent app UI . I love building things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, I'm most attracted to solving real customer problems with a business justification.

My Projects

I have done lot's of private and client projects below i have listed few of them.

Events & Workshops

I was called by many colleges to take workshops below are some glimpse of it.
  • Android Session

Android session for TE computer students of Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Management and Research

  • Faculty Development Program

I was invited as Android Specialist for faculty development program held at DYPIEMR where the teacher's from all over Maharashtra come.


  • Sagitec Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I started working at Sagitec on 18th Jan 2018. In Sagitec I worked on two projects till today. My first project was developing a Teacher's Retirement System for the University of California. In this project, I worked mainly on Insurance Module. A few months laterĀ  I started working on Teacher's Retirement System for the city of Newyork. In this project, I get know how payment, deductions, Payroll, Deposit System works. I was very recognized person in team due to my helping nature. I also got 2nd Rank in Sagitec yearly Hackathon.


  • Building LibrariesĀ 

Whenever I found there is a portion of code which can be reusable in future I create a library for that so that next time I don't need to implement it again.

  • Building Tools

I love to build tools which will boost the development process. For example, a tool which will parse model classes and create respectively SQL tables.

  • Android App developmentĀ 

Nowadays most of the developers can create android apps but I was in this arena for a very long time. I started working on android when API level 18 was released. I know what are things need to take care to build Quality android applications.

  • MVC .Net

My specialty is in Android but I choose to take the job of the .Net developer because I wanted to explore all the best technologies so when the time comes I should be able to adapt the changes.


My photos from different Events, Workshops & Competitions



January 18 2018

Started Job At Sagitec Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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